Face Fit Testing

Course Aim

This half day course is designed for people working in environments where there is likely to be an exposure to high levels of dust, fumes and other airborne particles.

Construction dust is not just a nuisance; it can seriously damage your health and some types can eventually kill. Regularly breathing these dusts over a long time can therefore cause life-changing lung diseases.

This course is designed to inform people what they need to know to prevent or adequately control construction dust risks. It also provides advice on the most suitable equipment for use in various situations.


The course can be conducted within your own premises, to a maximum of 10 delegates, or alternatively you could be added to one of our open courses run at a designated venue.  A suitable training area must be free from distractions and have an area for practising activities.

Requirements for training

No previous experience is required for this course.
Good understanding of spoken and written English. Please contact us if you have any concerns in this area.
A valid form of ID, such as a copy of your passport or driving license.

Course Content

Responsible Employees and Employers
Legislation and HSE Guidelines
Discussing the importance of carrying out appropriate face fitting tests
Exploring recommended equipment
Examine the effects of various airborne particles and the effect they have on the body
Demonstration of equipment use
Carrying out face fitting exercises 

Course material

All courses include manuals, handouts/worksheets.


Delegates will be awarded a certificate of attendance on successful completion of assessment, valid for 3 years.

Contact us today to enquire about or book a course on 01206 890558 or email info@dcpsafetyandtraining.co.uk