Fire Safety

No matter if your business is in a single building or multi-site a fire risk assessment is a must. Our qualified and thorough assessors will help you to understand your responsibilities and risks and ensure you comply with all relevant legislation. We also offer training in the use of fire extinguishers and for fire marshals. 


Fire Risk Assessment

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 came into force in October 2006 throughout England and Wales. The Order applies to all buildings excluding domestic premises occupied as a single private dwelling.

As a building owner, or even as the manager of a particular area in a building you would be defined as the “responsible person”  under this legislation and have specific legal duties in respect of fire safety. The main impact being the mandatory requirement for a fire risk assessments, which must be available for inspection by the enforcing authority (the fire brigade).

A fire risk assessment is a simple organised look at your premises, the activities taking place there and an evaluation of the likelihood of a fire occurring that could cause harm to property or life.

Our experienced Health and Safety team can provide you with a comprehensive fire risk assessment for your building or premises.

This legal document will include a list of prioritised recommendations, presented in a clear and logical format for ease of use and enabling you to comply with government legislation.