Our Charity for Life? We’re taking a ‘ballsy’ approach!

Health & Safety is all about education.   Educating people about risks, giving them the knowledge to recognise, manage and reduce their exposure to risk.  The ultimate goal being to save lives.

And educating people to save lives is a key part of what the Robin Cancer Trust (RCT) does, which is just one of the reasons we’ve chosen them as our Charity for Life.

The Robin Cancer Trust was started by a former colleague of ours, Mark Freeman, in memory of his son Robin, who died from a rare form of testicular cancer, aged just 24.

The RCT is the UK’s only germ cell cancer awareness charity.  It was set-up in response to Robin’s death to raise awareness of testicular and ovarian cancers in young adults.  The team uses the power of social media and attends events and gives awareness talks to get their life-saving message across.

RCT’s campaigns highlight the importance of early detection, raising awareness of the signs and symptoms to look out for and tackling the ’embarrassment factor’ in young men and women.

As Jon Rensink, who heads up DCP Safety and Training, said: “Most companies choose to help a different charity every year but we wanted to give this charity ongoing support to raise awareness of their work.

“I’m a great believer in giving back – and by its very nature health and safety aims to help people. On top of that, so many of us have been affected by cancer and if we can do anything at all to help people understand and recognise the symptoms, so that they can get early treatment we would be thrilled.”

To help raise the profile of the charity, we’ll be promoting awareness talks about testicular and ovarian cancer, on projects with which we are involved.

Jon said: “It will form a key part of our health and safety education.

“Just like we educate them on asbestos risks, we also want to alert them to simple checks they can do to keep on top of their own health outside of work.”

We share the hope of RCT CEO, Toby Freeman (Robin’s younger brother).

“We want to stop young men dying from this incredibly curable form of cancer.”

For more information on The Robin Cancer Trust and what they are doing to raise awareness of germ cell cancer visit: therobincancertrust.org